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Iridescent Minds CIC is a not-for-profit organisation, dedicated to supporting, empowering and campaigning for people who’ve been affected by the gender bias which has existed in the ADHD conversation.

We plan to create the world’s first dedicated Online Support Hub where women and others affected by the gender bias in ADHD can access specific and appropriate information, support and expert advice.

Why is this important?

ADHD has long been thought of as a childhood ‘disorder’ and the stereotypical person with ADHD is often thought of as a hyperactive schoolboy who can’t sit still in class. Physical hyperactivity is easy to spot and because it presents a problem for parents and teachers, may well lead to a diagnosis. 

It’s not the whole story…

Of course, some girls display these characteristics as well, but other children (mainly girls) display the attention deficit or inattentive aspects of the condition which are often less noticeable to others. Characteristics such as chronic lateness, forgetfulness and daydreaming are less visible and can be explained away as laziness, not caring, or simply be missed altogether.

The impact is huge…

Many of us have struggled through life without a diagnosis, wondering how others manage to cope with the everyday things that can push us to meltdown. Without understanding that this is how our brains work, we tend to try and make sense of it by turning the sense of failure inwards and berating ourselves for being lazy, fickle, chaotic, and useless. The impact of this can be seen in almost every aspect of life, affecting everything from our self-esteem to our ability to reach our potential.

Here’s to the future…

Make no mistake, an ADHD mind is powerful, beautiful and iridescent, but for too long many of us have been left misunderstood and isolated. Now’s the time to create a space to call our own, where we can feel understood, included and supported.

Here’s how you can support us

The easiest way (which is also free!) is to follow us on Social. You can also spread the word by using the hashtag: #iamadhd and tagging us in your posts.

We’re raising money to be able to build the world’s first support hub dedicated to ADHD women. Even £1/$1 can make a difference. Please visit our crowdfunder below
*our crowdfunder has now finished, we have more events planned but if you’d like to donate in the meantime you can do so by clicking the button below*.

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