The Work We Plan To Do

We have big plans to support the people we serve, and so we will be rolling things out in phases. Here’s an outline of our plans:
  • PHASE 1

    Build National Online Support Hub – #iamADHD Awareness campaign – complete survey.
  • PHASE 2

    Pilot Local Support/Awareness Hub – Expand Support Hub Services and Resources – Research
  • PHASE 3

    Work with schools, businesses, professionals and decision makers to improve equity, understanding and support for our community.

Our Support Hub

Our community is at the heart of everything we do. Our support hub is there to provide information, support and resources to our members – people who have been under represented in the ADHD conversation. It’s a peer-to-peer community support platform where it’s members can feel safe, will be able to access valuable resources and can feel included in a supportive community.


Through our public awareness campaign, Iridescent Minds continues to campaign through media and social media to educate the public about the reality of ADHD, as well as providing education to families, employers and public bodies through articles, blogs, research, educational events and workshops. We want to give a voice to our individuals and our community, who have been previously under-represented in the ADHD conversation.