How to support us:

There are several ways to support our work.



The easiest way (which is also free!) is to follow us on Social Media. You can also spread the word by using the hashtag: #iamadhd and tagging us in your posts.
We’re raising money to be able to build the world’s first support hub dedicated to ADHD women. Even £1/$1 can make a difference. Please visit our crowdfunder here: xxx

Buy a ticket to our Virtual Summit.  Packed with experts, and topics such as ADHD and parenting, ADHD and hormones, ADHD in employment and much more. 

ADHD professional or business?

Contribute to the crowdfunder and we’ll feature your logo or picture, and a weblink or social media account on our Wall of Support (hyperlink to wall). (link to crowdfunder).

Get in touch to discuss how you can help us to achieve our goal of helping 10,000 ADHD women in 2021.